Energy and Economic Efficiency: The Market versus the Politicization of Our Energy Futures

Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Jared Wall

“One of the primary tasks assigned to the IPCC is to issue periodic ‘assessment reports’ about the state of global climate change. These reports are hundreds of pages long and can be extremely technical. For attention-deficit-challenged politicians and journalists, these reports are issued with an accompanying summary. As a matter of routine, this summary mischaracterizes the substance and even the conclusions of the actual report. It is also regularly subjected to political meddling; for instance, when the IPCC issued its fifth assessment report in 2014, the German delegate to the IPCC insisted that language related to a pause or hiatus in the rise of global temperature be removed because ‘it would confuse German voters.’ Moreover, the leaders of the environmentalist movement have historically been wrong on just about everything.” (05/17/23)