RFK Jr.’s Long Legacy of Supporting Censorship

Source: The Daily Beast
by Brad Polumbo

“While Kennedy is undoubtedly saying some things that resonate about free speech and government overreach, he has no actual credibility on these issues—because, as Matt Welch first pointed out in a fantastic piece for Reason, he has a long track record of advocating for unhinged and brazen acts of censorship. … He even lamented the fact that politicians who deny climate change couldn’t be jailed, saying, ‘They are contemptible human beings. I wish there were a law you could punish them with.’ … Kennedy wants to target CEOs for imprisonment and punitively revoke the corporate/nonprofit status of businesses and organizations that advocate ideas he thinks are wrong. … What’s more, Kennedy has publicly listed the ideological nonprofits who he thinks the government should bankrupt (by revoking their nonprofit status), as a retaliatory consequence of their espousals of ideas and views with which he disagrees.” (05/17/23)