Belarus Is Not Our Business

Source: The American Conservative
by Anthony J Constantini

“According to rumors confirmed by a member of the Russian government, Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, is ill. … While it is possible that he will recover, it is also possible that the nearly 70-year-old dictator will not. Nevertheless, the West should start to prepare for the eventuality of his death, because once it happens, it is unlikely that Belarus will exist much longer as a truly independent state. … although many see Putin and Lukashenko as two peas in a pod, they have never truly gotten along, and relations are frosty between the two. While Putin simply could pick a more willing puppet (or put pressure on the young[er] Lukashenko), he may also simply decide to take Belarus altogether de facto or even de jure, by incorporating the country into the Russian Federation.” (05/17/23)