Woke mob reshaping narrative to make Jordan Neely a martyr

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“So far, over 2 million bucks has been raised for Daniel Penny’s defense. Millions to save a penny. Sounds like a typical Democrat social program. But it is good news. Still, is it a match for the mob, the mob that disrupted subway service and started brawls over the death of a violent, mentally ill homeless man? See, they thrive off violent extortion, lurking and waiting to pounce like a lunatic on the F train and always adored by the media. And even though this dead guy was a menace, better at impersonating Michael Myers than Michael Jackson, they’re going to reshape that narrative. So he’s a martyr and the Marine a bad guy. And race will play the starring role, even though it was a bona fide rainbow coalition teaming up to protect innocent passengers from a raging lunatic.” (05/16/23)