Rushdie warns against US censorship in rare public address

Source: CBS News

“Nine months after he was stabbed and seriously injured onstage, author Salman Rushdie made a public appearance at the British Book Awards on Monday evening. Rushdie, who appeared via video message, said the Western world is ‘in a moment, I think, at which freedom of expression, freedom to publish has not in my lifetime been under such threat in the countries of the West.’ … he warned against censorship in the United States, particularly in regards to book bans in libraries and schools. According to the American Library Association, a record number of book bans were attempted in 2022. … Rushdie also criticized publishers who change decades-old books for modern sensibilities, such as large-scale cuts and rewrites to the works of children’s author Roald Dahl and James Bond creator Ian Fleming.” (05/16/23)