Too Big to Fail: The Taylor Swift Experience

Source: Above The Fray
by Damon Linker

“The pandemic forced Swift to cancel a major concert tour to promote Lover. Then, while most of the country was hunkered down at home, she released all that music that appealed to a new audience of older people like me. And because she just can’t stop writing songs, Swift released yet another album of new material (Midnights — a return to synth-based pop) in October 2022. By March 2023, a poll was showing that a grand total of 53 percent of Americans consider themselves ‘Swifties.’ With a population of 330 million, that works out to roughly 175 million fans in the United States. That’s an awful lot of demand — as many of us learned when tickets went on sale for the Eras Tour, Swift’s first since the last time my daughter and I attended together in 2018.” (05/16/23)