If Biden Bows Out, How About Michelle Obama?

Source: Wall Street Journal
by Douglas Schoen & Andrew Stein

“Donald Trump’s spirited performance in last week’s CNN town hall, combined with recent polls, has some Democrats realizing he could be elected president again in 2024. The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll finds President Joe Biden with a 36% approval rating and trailing Mr. Trump by 6 points in a race for the White House. We aren’t the only Democrats considering alternatives and wondering: If not Mr. Biden, who should be the nominee? To be sure, Mr. Biden will remain a candidate as long as he is both physically able and politically viable. But if his poll numbers drop further, or if his health markedly deteriorates, it is possible that Democratic leaders in Congress will encourage him not to seek re-election. Unfortunately for the president, the majority of the country (including many Democratic voters) re already on board with making that case.” (05/15/23)