The Attack on Al-Aqsa and the Specter of a Second Nakba

Source: In These Times
by Jehad Abusalim

“Ramadan proved to be particularly difficult for Palestinians. During the holy month this year (March 22 – April 20), Palestine, as well as the wider Middle East, teetered on the brink of an explosive escalation. The possibility of an Israeli attack on Gaza, Lebanon, or both, along with a widespread uprising encompassing most Palestinian cities and towns, seemed imminent. And indeed, it was made real with Israeli military airstrikes on Gaza that began early last week. The fighting since then has left at least 30 Palestinians and one Israeli dead. Another 93 Palestinians have been injured, including 32 children. It is unclear if a recent ceasefire will hold. The tension during Ramadan that has now escalated into this current violent episode was fueled by increasing violence against Palestinians over the past years.” (05/15/23)