Why The Cure’s Fight for “Fair” Ticket Prices Is Likely to Backfire

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Scott Drylie

“The Cure is dealing with an age-old conundrum. A rock band builds its identity representing the outsider, the common man, the little guy. Then the band achieves success, and its tickets suddenly command high prices. The band now appears to have become the very thing it resents — the greedy capitalist or ‘The Man.’ The ‘godfathers of goth’ (the band’s nickname) have decided to resist this fate. Most tickets for their upcoming North American stadium tour have been priced well below average industry prices — between $20 and $120, and many with reduced surcharges. … The Cure purposely thwarted the scalper but ironically also thwarted the willing scalpee. The latter are many of the ticketless superfans who are crying across America’s metro areas like thousands of desperate King Richards on the battlefield shouting, ‘My Kingdom for a horse!'” (05/15/23)