FL: Teacher under investigation for showing PG-rated Disney flick to 10-,11-year-old students

Source: Daily Mail [UK]

“A fifth-grade teacher is facing state scrutiny for screening an animated Disney film featuring a gay character to her students …. Winding Waters K-8’s Jenna Barbee was reported to the school board by one of her students’ mothers — and now claims state investigators probing the infraction are traumatizing her other pupils. The film in question is 2022’s Strange World …. ‘Is a character in the movie LGBTQ? Absolutely,’ said Barbee of the protagonist played by gay comic Jaboukie Young-White, whose arc consists of a crush on another male character voiced by an openly gay actor. ‘Is that why I showed it? No.’ …She further claimed that as part of the the Sunshine State-led probe, her pupils were now being individually escorted out of class to be interrogated by DOE officials — measures she slammed as not only crass but directly harmful, causing permanent damage to the preteen students.” (05/15/23)