Trans Hysteria

Source: Notablog
by Chris Matthew Sciabarra

“The science and sociology of gender identity is a developing area of study, which is still assessing the various ‘nature vs. nurture’ factors– those genetic, biological, developmental, and environmental causal forces at work in gender incongruence. That this area is not fully understood lends even more support to the battle for protecting those who are struggling with gender identity issues. Instead, we are faced with the hysterical assertions of authoritarian Florida Governor Ron DeSantis — who claims that ‘they are literally chopping off the private parts of young kids’ as the medical community bows to ‘woke’ activism. That is simply not happening. Reasonable concerns have been raised about some of the practices surrounding gender-affirming care. But ‘decades of data support the use and safety of puberty-pausing medications, which give transgender adolescents and their families time to weigh important medical decisions.'” (05/15/23)