CA: Chapelle slams San Francisco during surprise comedy show

Source: New York Post

“Looks like Dave Chapelle isn’t too fond of the Golden State these days. While doing a surprise performance in San Francisco on Thursday evening at the Masonic Auditorium, the controversial comedian expressed his contempt for the city, asking the crowd a very important question. ‘What the f—k happened to this place?’ he asked during his set, according to SFGATE’s review of the show. During the performance, Chapelle, 49, spoke about the homelessness problem in San Francisco, and allegedly told a story about seeing someone poop right in front of the restaurant he was about to dine at. … Chapelle also said that The Bay Area had become ‘half ‘Glee’ half zombie movie,’ and joked that they needed ‘a Batman,’ the outlet reported.” (05/14/23)