The Red-Brown-Yellow Alliance: Making Anti-War “Great” Again

Source: Center for a Stateless Society
by Spooky

“Whether or not the US sends more weapons and aid, Ukrainians will continue to suffer, fight, and die as they resist their Russian attackers. At the same time, Russian citizens will continue to suffer, fight, and die as Putin continues to throw everything into his desired invasion. Such will be the case regardless of any intervention by any country in the world. How does this coalition straddle that nuance? Simple: pull out all material support for Ukraine and negotiate with Russia, no nuance required. The incorruptible goodness of diplomacy will ensure a peaceful, mutually beneficial solution is discovered, so they say. That would all be very nice were it not for what we just went over: Ukraine will not stop resisting and Russia will not stop aggressing, no matter what the US does.” (05/13/23)