The New Right hearts State Power

Source: The UnPopulist
by Francis Fukuyama

“One of the staples of my teaching of comparative politics over the years was to point out the differences between European and American conservatives. The former were generally comfortable with the exercise of state power, and indeed sought to use power to enforce religious or cultural values (the old unity of ‘throne and altar.’) American conservatives, on the other hand, were different in their emphasis on individual liberty, a small state, property rights, and a vigorous private sector. … This understanding of conservatism has now been upended with the rise of Trumpist populism.” [editor’s note: That “understanding of conservatism” was always entirely rhetorical, extremely partial, and incredibly short of shelf life — basically from Goldwater’s 1964 presidential nomination to Reagan’s 1989 departure from the White House – TLK] (05/12/23)