Ending Title 42 proves Biden’s [sic] border disaster [sic] could have been avoided

Source: Fox News
by Chad Wolf & Robert Law

“The most anticipated day for the Biden administration’s border security [sic] crisis [sic] is upon us, and all eyes are on the southern border for all the wrong reasons. On May 11, the Title 42 public health [sic] emergency [sic] ended and, with it, the lone vestige of border enforcement coming out of this administration in the form of the approximately 50,000 illegal [sic] aliens per month that have been expelled at the border. For 27 months, the American people have witnessed a humanitarian and security crisis [sic] at the border on a scale never experienced in our nation’s history. Unfortunately, this is not hyperbole.” [editor’s note: Au contraire. It’s nothing BUT hyperbole – TLK] (05/12/23)