Late-stage capitalism? No, we’re plagued by late-stage progressivism

Source: New York Post
by staff

“Blaming ‘late-stage capitalism’ for everything from dating apps to the rise of Donald Trump has been a routine bit of hip-lefty snark for some years now. It’s a nod to the Marxist idea that the ‘contradictions of capitalism’ will eventually lead to its implosion, replaced by the workers’-state utopia. But, as with so many lefty accusations, it’s pure projection. In fact, we’re suffering from the ills of late progressivism. Think about it: The real ascent to political power of the progressives in this country began with the election of Woodrow Wilson in 1912; his second term ended a little more than a century ago. The ideas he brought into the mainstream — above all, hatred of how our constitutional system stands in the way of the grand aims of centralized, unchecked power wielded by enlightened technocratic administrators — absolutely dominate the thinking of today’s progs.” (05/13/23)