CNN boss Chris Licht faces “fury of criticism” within company for platforming disgraced former president

Source: New York Post

“CNN’s head honcho Chris Licht faced a ‘fury of criticism’ from the rank-and-file at the cable network for giving former President Donald Trump a forum to repeat his lies and conspiracy theories during Wednesday’s town hall. The ratings-challenged network, which Licht has been trying to pivot away from the left-leaning coverage of his predecessor, was pilloried after putting moderator Kaitlan Collins ‘in a no-win situation’. ‘I can’t believe anyone thought this was a good idea,’ one staffer told The Washington Post. Oliver Darcy, the network’s own media reporter, also revealed the hand-wringing immediately after the 70-minute town hall from St. Anselm College in New Hampshire came to an end. ‘CNN and new network boss Chris Licht are facing a fury of criticism — both internally and externally over the event,’ Darcy wrote in his ‘Reliable Sources’ newsletter.” (05/11/23)