FL: DeSantis signs law passed to punish teachers’ union

Source: Orlando Sentinel

“Teachers and other government employees will have to write monthly checks if they want to stay in their union after Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill Tuesday banning automatic dues deductions from public employees’ paychecks. The anti-union bill also gives employees the right to immediately quit a union for no reason and requires unions to recertify if the number of dues-paying members drops below 60% of those eligible to join. ‘If you want to join, you can, but you write a check and you hand it over. That is gonna lead to more take-home pay for teachers,’ DeSantis said at the bill-signing ceremony. It was one of several bills that DeSantis signed that affect education, including new term limits for school board members, restrictions on student social media use and protections for teachers who report administrators they believe are violating state education policies.” (05/11/23)