Immigration-Reform Nonsense and Delusion

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“With the expiration of Title 42, the pandemic-era policy of preventing foreigners from entering the United States to claim refugee status, America’s perpetual immigration crisis along the border is back in the news. Along with the crisis comes the popular refrain that we have heard for at least seven decades: ‘We need comprehensive immigration reform to bring an end to our ‘broken’ immigration system.’ That decades-old refrain, however, is nothing more than nonsense and delusion.The reason is that, contrary to popular opinion, America’s immigration-control system is not ‘broken.’ If it were ‘broken,’ it is conceivable that someone might be able to come up with some type of reform that might fix it. America’s immigration-control system is inherently defective. That’s different from ‘broken.'” (05/11/23)