Elderly sex offender gaslights town hall audience

Source: Politico

“Former president Donald Trump refused to say he had lost the 2020 presidential election and defended his actions on Jan. 6 during a town hall event in New Hampshire on Wednesday night. In what became an hour-long form of television combat on a variety of issues, Trump received routine applause from the Republican and Republican-leaning crowd, including over his dismissal of a recent verdict that found him guilty of sexual assault. He did not flinch when asked by the moderator, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, if he owed his one-time VP Mike Pence an apology for the riot he helped incite while Pence was at the capitol. He later said he was inclined to pardon a ‘large portion’ of the Jan. 6 rioters. … The Jan. 6 insurrection [sic] was a ‘beautiful day,’ Trump declared.” (05/10/23)