Stop Enabling Bloodshed in Ukraine

Source: The American Conservative
by Doug Bandow

“The Russo-Ukraine war continues. A presumed Ukrainian drone attack on the Kremlin has further inflamed the contest’s rhetoric if not combat. The conflict’s costs are horrendous and borne primarily by Ukrainians, since Ukraine is the main battlefield. No end to the fighting is in sight. Russia’s offensive, such as it was, fizzled badly, unless the Kremlin has secretly assembled a vast hidden army soon to be loosed. Western assessments of Kiev’s planned riposte expect little more …. supporting the war until the Zelensky government retakes territory lost not only last year but in 2014, risks Ukrainian exhaustion and deadlock or defeat. Kiev is entitled to decide how long it wants to fight, as the U.S. insists. But Washington should not encourage, let alone empower, Ukraine to fruitlessly battle on, no matter how valiantly. Prolonging the war risks expansion and escalation involving the U.S.” (05/11/23)