DeSantis won the first round against Disney: He should have walked away

Source: The Hill
by Philip Levine

“When Elsa, the Disney princess from ‘Frozen,’ sang her 2013 smash hit, ‘Let It Go,’ she didn’t know that she was offering excellent advice to the future governor of Florida. For a while, the Disney vs. DeSantis feud appeared to be over. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) had made his point. He taught Disney a lesson about the cost of wading too deep into the culture wars. It was inevitable, of course, that Disney would push back, as it did last month with a maneuver to regain control of a key development board. But this should have been little more than a 24-hour news story. If DeSantis had let it go, he would have walked away a winner. Instead, the governor turned his battle against Disney into a war — one that will cost him, and the state, in untold ways.” (05/10/23)