Private Jets Are Dirty Luxuries for the Ultra Rich; Let’s Tax Them

Source: In These Times
by Kalena Thomhave & Omar Ocampo

“For several hours in early November 2022, hundreds of protesters grounded all private flights at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, one of the most popular and busiest airports in the world. Activists sat on runways to block private jets from taking off before military police moved in and arrested more than 100 protesters. … Fast forward a few months, and the protesters appeared to be on the brink of success. Schiphol Airport decided to implement a total private jet ban in an effort to reduce air traffic. It would be a small but symbolically important victory in a world where the private jet industry is taking off among the ultra-wealthy.” [editor’s note: I wonder what Thomhave’s and Ocampo’s “dirty luxuries” are, and whether I should demand a cut of them because REASONS – TLK] (05/09/23)