No, the President Cannot Unilaterally Raise the Debt Ceiling

Source: National Review
by Charles CW Cooke

“Per the plain terms of the U.S. Constitution, Congress is in charge of raising the debt ceiling and passing the federal budget. It cannot, under any circumstances, be cut out of that role by the president. There, that wasn’t too hard, was it? One of the salutary things about the American political system is that its structure is explicitly written down. In the United States, unlike in Britain, there is no need for the citizenry to appeal to amorphous traditions or spend days divining the supposed customs of ‘time immemorial’ or examine the reams of unwritten regulations with an unbroken Jesuitical fervor. The rules are right there on the page. … This language is not complicated, and nobody who can read English believes otherwise. It means what it unequivocally says: that the power to tax, spend, borrow, and pay debts lies with Congress, not with the president.” (05/10/23)