Turkey’s Best Shot for Defeating its Illiberal President Is This Sunday

Source: The UnPopulist
by Brian E Fryden Borg

“The pivotal and dramatic national election in NATO-member Turkey on Sunday presents a rare chance for improving the prospects of democracy in this Middle Eastern country. That’s because there is a real — not remote — chance of ousting Recep Tayyip Erdogan as president. A controversial figure, Erdogan has led the country for 20 years, first as prime minister beginning in 2003 and then as president starting in 2014. In a region that already has too many backward-looking, illiberal leaders focused on ‘traditional Muslim values,’ Erdogan may not be the worst of the right-wing authoritarians, but he is still bad and loud enough in his badness that he is hardly the man to lead Turkiye — as Erdogan renamed it in 2022 — into the 21st century.” (05/10/23)