Starbucks fires worker caught on video scuffling with customers

Source: New York Post

“A transgender woman has been fired by Starbucks after she was caught on video escalating a heated argument with a female customer and allegedly scuffling with a man who filmed the incident. The nasty confrontation, which has since drawn a police probe for alleged assault, took place late last month at a Starbucks branch near the ferry terminal of Southampton, Hampshire in the UK. The 56-second viral clip starts with the female customer shouting: ‘Don’t ever call me transphobic! Ever! You do not know me!’ The Starbucks barista, who has stepped in front of the counter alongside the enraged customer, replies: ‘You’re calling me a man. You’re being transphobic, Karen, now get out.’ After calling the customer ‘Karen’ (an insulting social-media moniker for white women who have a bone to pick) the altercation heats up further.” (05/09/23)