It’s Long Past Morning In Biden’s America

Source: Wall Street Journal
by Kenneth L Khachigian

“Ronald Reagan did something 40 years ago that now seems impossible: He romped to re-election with victories in 49 states. Along the way he buried the age issue, rode a growing economy with declining inflation, and promoted a country with renewed faith and spirit. President Biden and his team are working hard to reprise that historic win. Mr. Biden’s ad team is so enamored of Reagan’s ‘Morning in America’ commercial they produced a copycat. … But while the 1984 commercial (crafted by Reagan’s ‘Tuesday Team’ of admen) was simple and affecting, Mr. Biden’s video is an amateurish pastiche of quick cutaways and amped-up music. All the frenetic energy is apparently meant to distract Americans from the aging president’s obvious lack of vitality. Without the closed captioning, viewers may not have been able to understand the rapid-fire word mangles spilling from Mr. Biden’s mouth.” (05/08/23)