The FBI’s Anti-Encryption Campaign

Source: Reason
by Patrick Eddington

“On April 24, the FBI’s war against public key encryption technology — the kind many of us use for texting, emailing, and online banking — entered a new phase. The FBI published a notice in the Federal Register seeking public comment on its proposal to ‘collect data on the volume of law enforcement investigations that are negatively impacted by device and software encryption.’ Tellingly, the bureau is not asking state and local law enforcement agencies how many times they were able to get into cell phones, tablets, or computers despite the presence of encryption technology. This new, skewed ‘data collection’ rule is designed to further the FBI’s longstanding ‘going dark’ narrative: that encryption is making the bureau’s job next to impossible in terms of fighting crime. But that’s a false narrative. And senior FBI officials will frequently say or do something that proves it so.” (05/05/23)