Tulsa Under an Economics-of-Politics Lens

Source: EconLog
by Pierre Lemieux

“The state’s control of education is an easy propaganda tool. Since the state cannot satisfy everybody, especially when it intervenes everywhere, it will choose whom it better please (to paraphrase de Jasay). It will publicize statist values and the beliefs of its most important clienteles. It is easy to imagine how public education in some American states supported segregationist views. Today, despite the theoretical diversity of the locally-controlled public education system, public schools have been cartelized and standardized by teachers’ unions and their supporters in the intellectual and political establishment. The same discriminatory states that, under the weight of majority opinion, enforced slavery and then Jim Crow laws now tend to enforce opposite preferences, which include affirmative action and the shaming of the descendants of some white exploiters as if to punish a collective sin.” (05/31/21)