Putting “diversity” and “equity” first nearly crashed the economy

Source: New York Post
by Douglas Murray

“Several years back, I asked what it would take to halt the diversity, inclusion, equity obsession in America. What would it take to get back to excellence and competence as the only criteria for employment? Perhaps it would require the bridges to start falling down. Though I suspect that if they did, then certain people would claim they’d only fallen because of ‘structural racism.’ Still, this week we had a good reminder of just how over-tolerant we have been of this insane, anti-excellence agenda. Because although the bridges haven’t yet started to collapse, the banks have. And one reason is that the banks in question prioritized equity over excellence. The DIE agenda constitutes an absolute obsession with exact representation (or preferably overrepresentation) of women at senior positions, including board positions in American companies.” (03/17/23)