DeSantis Has No Choice But to Fully Commit to the Trump Bit

Source: Daily Beast
by Matt Lewis

Begun, the clone war has. Ron DeSantis’[s] declaration to Tucker Carlson this week that the war in Ukraine is a ‘territorial dispute’ not in America’s ‘vital national interests’ signals that his Republican primary strategy is to run as Donald Trump’s doppelganger (minus the gross tweets, attempted coups, and election losses). Many of us have been saying for a long time that DeSantis offers Republicans everything Trump does, only in a younger and more competent package. In that regard, DeSantis’[s] decision to ape Trump is not surprising at all. On the other hand, DeSantis hadn’t FULLY committed to the bit until now — which makes this development both significant and (for some of us) demoralizing. … DeSantis has taken a bet — and it’s a big bet — that he can win by going full MAGA.” (03/16/23)