UK: Ministers banned from using TikTok on regime phones

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“British government ministers have been banned from using Chinese-owned social media app TikTok on their work phones and devices on security grounds. The government fears sensitive data held on official phones could be accessed by the Chinese government. Cabinet Minister Oliver Dowden said the ban was a ‘precautionary’ move but would come into effect immediately. TikTok has strongly denied allegations that it hands users’ data to the Chinese government. Mr Dowden said he would not advise the public against using TikTok, but they should always ‘consider each social media platform’s data policies before downloading and using them.’ Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had been under pressure from senior MPs to follow the US and the European Union in barring the video-sharing app from official government devices. But government departments — and individual ministers – have enthusiastically embraced TikTok as a way of getting their message out to younger people.” (03/16/23)