Biden’s New Budget a Progressive [sic] Opening Gambit

Source: In These Times
by Max B Sawicky

“When members of the Biden administration sat down to compose their federal budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2024, they faced some confounding problems. The economic situation in the United States is dogged by inflation fears, with an out-of-control Federal Reserve playing whack-a-mole with employment growth. The war in Ukraine, a source of global disruption in commodities and of general market instability, shows no signs of winding down. And the new Republican leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives, which controls the gates through which a budget must pass, is made up of certifiable kooks. Earlier this month, the president released his budget — simultaneously a progressive policy vision and a statement of contrast with the Republicans’ budget plans. Since the Democrats must negotiate with the Republican-led House, Biden’s proposed budget is really just an opening bid. Nobody expects it to be enacted.” (03/15/23)