The German Occupation of Alderney

Source: Hoover Institution
by Andrew Roberts

“A new exhibition opening in London this week sheds new light on the way the Nazis treated slave laborers during their occupation of the island of Alderney in the Channel Islands. Captured by the Germans in June 1940, the Channel Islands were the sole part of Britain to be captured during World War II, and therefore give an idea of what their occupation of Britain itself might have been like had they invaded the mainland successfully in 1940. Piers Secunda’s exhibition, ‘Alderney: The Holocaust on British Soil,’ confirms that there were in fact nine sites on the island where atrocities were committed, rather than the four that historians have hitherto assumed. The population of 1,400 had been evacuated to the mainland before the Germans arrived, and the island was used to imprison mainly Jewish and Russian POW slave laborers, at least seven hundred of whom died.” (03/15/23)