Putin purge? 39 top Russians now dead by “suicide,” COVID and “shaman rites”

Source: New York Post

“It’s a particularly deadly time to be on Russian President Putin’s bad side — 39 bodies, piled up since war broke out in Ukraine, collectively underscore the point. Just this month, two former bigshots bit the dust. Sergey Grishin, a financial fraudster and oligarch who sold Harry and Meghan their Montecito, California, mansion for $14.7 million, perished from sepsis on March 6. Coincidence or not, this happened after he criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Virologist Andrey Botikov — who helped develop the controversial Sputnik V Covid vaccine — went in a less subtle manner on March 1: He fell victim to a belt around his neck. Energy bosses, politicians and outspoken critics are among those who have paid the ultimate price. Putin and leaders of Russia’s bloodthirsty Kremlin, according to Russian expert Jon O’Neill, have their fingerprints on at least some of the deaths that range from the mysterious to the gruesome to the seemingly accidental.” (03/15/23)