Putin Is Trapped in the Sunk-Cost Fallacy of War

Source: Foreign Policy
by David V Gioe

“Russian President Vladimir Putin held his strongest strategic hand on Feb. 23, 2022, the day before his ill-judged and catastrophic invasion of Ukraine. He stood on the edge of extracting concessions from Ukraine and the West and, if he had turned his troops around, would have convinced the world that U.S. and British intelligence were crying wolf. He squandered this chance. … Every day the war drags on sees more Russians dead and costs tens of millions of dollars. So why won’t he cut his losses? … [He] continues to double down with the understanding that, if he loses, he will be blamed, and that rebuke would not take the tolerable form of electoral defeat. Like most dictators, he fears his own people most. As goes the Ukraine war, so goes Putin.” (03/15/23)