DeSantis Grooms a Cheap Import From Hungary: Orbanism

Source: The UnPopulist
by Robert Tracinski

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is raising Republican hopes of finding a ‘sane Trump’ — a less erratic standard-bearer for a Trumpist agenda. But there has been some interesting debate over whether this is better or worse. … there is something silly about this whole debate. Jonathan Last compares it to asking ‘who would win in a fight — a gorilla, an alligator, or a shark.’ It’s an amusing mental exercise, but the larger point is that you wouldn’t want to face any of them. More important, the reason we’re having this debate is that a lot of people still don’t get what DeSantis and today’s Republican Party are really trying to do. … DeSantis has been very clearly implementing a model of autocratic rule pioneered by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.” (03/14/230