Proof that charters benefit ALL public-school kids

Source: New York Post
by staff

“A new study from Success Academy busts a pernicious myth about charter schools and their effect on district schools, particularly those in communities of color. The study shows that charters in District 5 (covering most of Harlem) caused no financial or educational harm, only benefit, to the regular public schools. Charters enroll 59% of all public-school students in the district, and two-thirds of K-8 kids. Their advent has been crucial to boosting district-wide performance on state tests, narrowing the racial ‘achievement gap.’ And it’s led to higher per-pupil spending in the regular public schools and smaller class sizes. This, while the charters get by on roughly half the per-student funding. Charters, in short, may save public education in urban communities. Nor are the charters ‘cherry picking’ the most promising students, as critics routinely charge.” (03/14/23)