Leveraging Federal Funds: There’s Money To Fix That Problem

Source: Our Future
by Ann Pratt

“Ever since the passage into law of the American Rescue Plan, Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act, CHIPS Act and Inflation Reduction Act, here’s what I say to friends and family whenever they bring up a problem we all know needs to be fixed right now: ‘Do you know there’s money to fix that problem?’ That’s because there is $4 trillion on tap for communities through these programs. $4 Trillion. On the table. Right now. That’s more than four times the size of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, which led the country out [sic] of economic ruin in the 1930s, and eight times the size of Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society, which fought racial inequities with jobs and education and offered universal healthcare to the poor and elderly in the 1960s. Achieving goals on this scale won’t be easy, but at People’s Action, we believe it is worth it.” (03/10/23)