Lebanon: Pound hits a new low as banks go back on strike

Source: ABC News

“Lebanon’s embattled currency hit a new low Tuesday, trading at an unprecedented 100,000 Lebanese pounds to the dollar on the black market as the crisis-hit country’s banks went back on strike. The pound has kept sinking since Lebanon’s financial meltdown erupted in 2019, following decades of rampant corruption and mismanagement by the country’s political and financial elite. Three-quarters of Lebanon’s population of over 6 million now lives in poverty and inflation is soaring. The new rate of 100,000 pounds to the dollar was posted on mobile apps Tuesday used by private money exchangers. Exchange shops and businesses use rates off these apps, and authorities have failed to shut down the apps and crack down on a ring of suspected exchangers across the country who run the programs. While the official exchange rate is set by the Central Bank at 15,000 pounds for $1, the black market rate is now used for nearly all transactions.” (03/14/23)