Biden’s 2024 Funding Proposal is a War Budget and He Is Leading Us to War

Source: CounterPunch
by Dave Lindorff

“It’s not easy to comprehend how enormous the US military is, whether simply as the war-making force that it is, or as the largest government organization in this country, or compared to the military forces of the rest of the world’s nations. But the latest budget proposal by President Biden, for the 2024 fiscal year budget that, once passed by Congress next fall, will in some form take effect this coming October 1, offers a good opportunity to try and do that. … The total so-called ‘discretionary’ total in Biden’a proposed 2024 budget is $1.7 trillion. Of that, a staggering $888 billion is for the military. That, for the record, is the first time since World War II … that the Pentagon’s share of ‘discretionary’ spending — 52% — has exceeded the budget for all other discretionary budget lines combined.” (03/14/23)