OH: Nazis, idiot fellow travelers attack drag event

Source: USA Today

“Amid the national showdown over drag performances and transgender rights, a storytelling event in a city park in northern Ohio became the latest flashpoint, fueled by demonstrators who waved swastika flags and shouted ‘Seig heil’ before a melee that led to two arrests. Hundreds of protesters, including armed white supremacists, members of several extremist groups and LGBTQ-community supporters descended on Wadsworth, Ohio, a small town outside Akron, for a drag queen storytelling show that had been moved from a private venue. … Toward the end of the four-hour event Saturday, two people were arrested after a series of scuffles involving pepper spray, the use of a flag pole as a weapon and a protester who, according to a witness and a video posted on social media, allegedly pulled a gun twice.” (03/14/23)