ME: Motorists appeal to keep vanity license plates like “Luv Tofu”

Source: CBS News

“A Maine vegan whose custom license plate (LOVETOFU) is one of the motorists caught in a state crackdown on vulgar [sic] tags. Car owners across the United States can pay an extra fee to customize license plates, sparking creativity and personality but causing headaches for state officials who have to decide what’s acceptable. Maine had for several years allowed people to put just about any combination of letters and numbers on their vehicle plates, including words and phrases that other states would ban. But the state decided to change course and this year recalled 274 plates it deemed inappropriate. Some people are fighting back. So far the state has rejected all of the appeals. The state concluded the license plate ‘could’ve been seen as a reference to sex’ instead of admiration for bean curd.” (03/13/23)