TX: Large group attempted to travel without gang’s permission, “border” shot-callers say

Source: CNN

“A large group of people in Mexico approached a US border entry point in El Paso, Texas, Sunday in an attempt at mass entry into the country, causing [US regime gangs to engage in] disruptions along the border and authorities to erect barricades, US Customs and Border Protection said. The group made a formation and approached the international boundary at El Paso, ‘posing a potential threat [sic] to make a mass entry,’ CBP said in a statement. Customs and Border Protection officers ‘implemented port hardening measures’ at the Paso del Norte International Bridge Sunday afternoon, temporarily halting northbound traffic, CBP said. … Large migrant groups also disrupted [gang loafing time at] two other border crossings Sunday, CBP said. Barricades were used for less than an hour earlier in the day at both the nearby Stanton border crossing and at the Bridge of the Americas crossing, the agency said.” (03/12/23)