You’re Better Off Not Knowing

Source: The Atlantic
by Shadi Hamid

“Like taking a drug, learning about politics and following the news can become addictive, yet Americans are encouraged to do more of it, lest we become uninformed. Unless you have a job that requires you to know things, however, it’s unclear what the news — good or bad — actually does for you, beyond making you aware of things you have no real control over. Most of the things we could know are a distraction from the most important things that we already know: family, faith, friendship, and community. If our time on Earth is finite — on average, we have only about 4,000 weeks — we should choose wisely what to do with it. … In a quite literal sense, politics is making Americans sick. But the sole way to contract the illness is by seeking out the news and consuming large amounts of it.” (03/13/23)