UK: BBC mutiny escalates as stars rally behind Lineker

Source: Deutsche Welle [German state media]

“The BBC was under pressure Saturday to reinstate its highest-paid presenter Gary Lineker, who was suspended for criticizing the country’s new migration policy. The decision by Britain’s main public broadcaster caused a mutiny among many of Lineker’s colleagues who refused to appear on TV and radio sports programs, forcing the shows to be canceled this weekend. The BBC has been accused of political bias and suppressing free speech, while supporters of the move say the broadcaster must protect its policy of impartiality. Lineker, a former England national team soccer captain, was asked Friday to ‘step back’ from hosting Match of the Day — a show he has hosted for 20 years — after likening the government’s rhetoric over English Channel migrants to Nazi-era Germany. … The BBC said the 62-year-old’s comments were a breach of its impartiality guidelines.” (03/11/23)