Palestine: Israeli occupation forces kill three

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar state media]

“The Israeli military says its forces shot and killed three Palestinian men who opened fire on soldiers in the occupied West Bank, the latest bloodshed in a year-long wave of violence in the region. The Palestinian Ministry of Health said the men were killed on Sunday by Israeli fire near the city of Nablus and identified them as Jihad Mohammed al-Shami, 24, Uday Othman al-Shami, 22 and Mohammed Raed Dabeek, 18. … Tensions between Israeli forces and [squatters] on one side and Palestinians on the other have escalated over the past year. Israeli forces have arrested thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank and killed more than 200 Palestinians, civilians as well as fighters. More than 40 Israelis and foreign nationals have died in attacks by Palestinians over the same period. On Friday, an Israeli [squatter] shot dead a Palestinian man near an illegal [squat] in the northern occupied West Bank.” (03/12/23)