The Sanitation Power Does Not Permission Tyranny

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Jeffrey A Tucker

“What do you think of when you think of sanitation? Perhaps the Sanitarian Department, which picks up trash. That’s what American English conveys. It deals with rubbish and refuse in order to dispose of it. Or maybe sanitation brings to mind cleaning something like the bathroom. Still, it’s a bit odd to use the word that way. The household member who cleans the kitchen is not normally called a sanitation person. All of this matters because the Biden administration is arguing that the sanitation powers of the 1944 Public Health Services Act grant the CDC the right to force a mask on you. When they imposed the edict in January 2021, they didn’t cite that power but in court challenges, they scoured the text and came up with it. This forced the court to decide the meaning of the phrase. That is still in dispute.” (03/10/23)