Israel’s Liberal Supporters Are Taking Their Denial to a New Level

by Norman Solomon

“This week, when the New York Times featured an opinion piece by billionaire Michael Bloomberg …. Bloomberg warned that Israel’s new governing coalition is trying to give parliament the power to ‘overrule the nation’s Supreme Court and run roughshod over individual rights, including on matters such as speech and press freedoms, equal rights for minorities and voting rights.’ Such a change would, Bloomberg added, undermine Israel’s ‘strong commitment to freedom.’ Strong commitment to freedom? That would sure be news to the more than 5 million Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation in Gaza and the West Bank. The pretense is that what’s happening now with Israel amounts to a surprising aberration from its natural state. … But recent events in Israel are continuing a long Zionist process that has been propelled by mixtures of valid yearning for safety and extreme ethnocentrism, with terrible results.” (03/10/23)