Oscars: Petition calls for presenter Donnie Yen’s removal over pro-China remarks

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Tens of thousands of people have signed a petition to remove Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen as an Oscars presenter over his support for the Chinese government. The online petition was started by ‘a group of people from Hong Kong.’ It says that his latest remarks over protests in Hong Kong in 2019 ‘violate the spirit of freedom of speech.’ The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, whose voters determine who the Oscars go to, has not yet commented on the petition. Yen is a globally recognised action star who recently drew controversy for an interview in which he called the protests a riot. The 59-year-old is best known for the Ip Man movies, a Hong Kong series based on a martial arts master which has grossed more than US$400m (£338m) at the worldwide box office. He will next appear alongside Keanu Reeves in the Hollywood film ‘John Wick 4.'” (03/09/23)